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I make bases!

LAWS (not rules, LAWS. Because they're obligatory.)

1. You must link back to me if you use one of my bases by doing :dev queenofbees: or :icon queenofbees: without the spaces.

2. You don't have to ask for permission to use my bases, just don't claim them as yours.

3. Don't take parts of my bases and use them on your own bases. You may ONLY if you ask me. (That is Frankendolling. I-i think. I'm not too hip with the lingo.)

4. Don't recolor/gender-bend my bases and then claim them as yours.

5. Show me the finished project if you do use my bases. I ask because I collect them in my favorites. :]. People seem to neglect this one. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE. SHOW ME. 8D

6. You are ALLOWED to recolor and gender-bend my bases.

7. ARTISTS ON dA! If you see that a base in my gallery was made from your art, please please please tell me! I'll take it down or credit you, depending on what you ask. I apologize if this happens.

8. You ARE ALLOWED to use my bases to get virtual money (Like on GaiaOnline). Just be sure to credit me and blahblahblah.

And dear god, I'm tired of people asking me if "I can do this, can I do that" with my bases. I may just start telling people they can't use my bases if they ask questions where the answer is in my Terms. That just shows you haven't read them. It's okay to ask a question about the terms or on something not up there, but good god people.

I won't let you use my bases if you don't read these. D<

Oh yes, and visit my other accounts~!



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